The new Real Estate market model

Joining supply, demand and access to assets and services related to the sector in a single platform that will make Real Estate investment available to everyone.

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Raised: 1 100 200 EUR 2.6%

1 TILE: 0.15 EUR

Open to everyone

Our platform is open for use by any developer, investor, owner or tenant. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of assets and services.

Guaranteed legality

We comply with national and international regulations applicable to each case of use, and have specific legal advice.

Privacy and transparency

We work with the European legal framework for data protection, the strictest in the world. All transactions made on our platform will maintain the privacy of the parties involved.

New technology

Paving the way for the application of Smart Contracts in the Real Estate market and other production sectors.

Our platform

What are the functions of Tile Investor?

Our platform is an efficient means of contact for effective work in the Real Estate sector.

It is a powerful tool for developers, builders, installers, service providers and also private owners, who can offer their properties or services for sale, rent and refurbishment with high visibility and management facilities.

All assets and services will have TILE as payment method, our own token of ERC20 specification.
  • Acquisition
  • Sale
  • Rental management
  • Service contracts
  • Global payments
  • Managed by Smart Contracts

Benefits for our investors

As a developer group we have assets in one of the most attractive tourist destinations worldwide: the Spanish Costa Brava and the area of Barcelona.
The current economic framework makes some of these assets available to us at very low prices in relation to their operating value. These areas also offer the opportunity to purchase, refurbish and/or construct buildings for private homes, which will reach the public at very competitive prices.
The value of our token will always be backed by the value of our real estate, thus providing tangible guarantees to our investors, whose investment will grow with our project.
The great potential for token value growth puts real estate investment in the hands of everyone, allowing our investors to acquire property ownership, pay for home rentals and/or vacation rentals using it in the future, in addition to the obvious economic gains.
Our objective

Opening the way to the advantages of Smart Contracts

The final objective of our project is to be the first means of contact between the Real Estate market and the transparent digitalization that Blockchain offers, opening the way to a new model of market that will serve as an example to other business sectors.
Our users, both companies and individuals, will have access to all the assets and services they need from a single platform. This model will facilitate business operations, allow more efficiency and reduce costs, thanks to the great potential of Smart Contracts.

Our development phases

Public presale
April 2018
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
May 2018
Start of software development
June 2018
First acquisition of assets
September 2018
Preliminary platform
November 2018
Meet us

Our team

Legality, security and guarantees

Our advisors

Token distribution

How to invest in TILE?

Public presale start: May 3rd, 2018, 00:00 AM (GMT)
ICO start: May 14th, 2018, 00:00 AM (GMT)
Public presale price: 1 TILE = 0,13€
Price 1st stage of ICO: 1 TILE = 0,15€
Price 2nd stage of ICO: 1 TILE = 0,16€
Price 3rd stage of ICO: 1 TILE = 0,17€
Price 4th stage of ICO: 1 TILE = 0,18€
Minimum target: 2m €
Maximum target: 40m €

Payment methods

TILE contract address:


This is the address for this contract – token TILE.

You can use it to check TILE information on an Ethereum explorer. This is not a payment address. Please don’t send any ETH to this address.

To buy TILE, please use the following links to register or login.

Destination of the investment

Distribution of the issued TILE

The proceeds raised through the ICO and the profits generated by a subsequent increase in token value will be used to acquire real estate assets and to finance the software development of the platform.
  • 80% Distributed to the community

  • 10% Reserve for future operations

  • 4% Team

  • 3% Marketing Campaign

  • 2% Advisors

  • 1% Bounty Program